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what's everybody talking about Charm Circle for?

"New York filmmaker Nira Burstein’s Charm Circle is a tangled familial investigation marked by wry eccentricity and alternative identities."

— Guy Lodge, The Guardian

“This film is simultaneously courageous, unsparing and deeply loving. It’s a film that boldly explores the  nuances of  family and doesn’t shy away from the difficult emotional terrain of the director's own biography, building a complex and multidimensional  portrait using her impressive cinematic eye.”  

—Theo Anthony, Agustina Comedi, Alisa Lebow: Jury, First Feature Award, Sheffield DocFest

“Charm Circle is a fascinating portrait...I felt it inhabited a world not unlike the classic Grey Gardens, both films take outsiders in society and help us understand them."

—Anna Smith, Girls on Film

“There's a winning combination of warmth and honesty to the way that Nira and her family share their lives that asks viewers to shift their suspect, with her father's music providing a suitably eclectic accompaniment.”

"Meticulous observation, remarkable narrative fluidity and virtuoso editing."

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